For 22 years the company PAP PROMET doo leading center drywall, waterproofing, insulation, facade, cover and building materials. Pap relax (pool & spa) program is also part of our product range.
We are successfully achieving our goals, so we decided to go a step further.
Innovative, inspiring, modern, stylish, they turn Your wall into a unique unit which gives Your space completely new dimension. They have been produced according to an innovative American production process in Croatia from ecologically acceptable special strengthened gypsum.

They are lightweight and easy to install. Durability, resistance, and unlimited application are what describes them the best.

They are designed primarily for interiors, public places, hotels, restaurants (residential objects)
because they are resistant to abrasion but appropriate also for private rooms, bedrooms, living
rooms, which will give Your home the charm of the third dimension.