3D decorative wall panel OLIVE

The 3D decorative wall panel OLIVE presents a new panel design that is part of the new 2019 collection. Playing in the sprawling, branched-in panel, the panel is inspired by the noble and ancient origin of the plant's name. For more information about the new collection of 3D decorative wall panels please visit our website: [...]

12. 07. 2019.|

Quick and easy installation

When decorating your home, the advantage of 3D decorative panels is their fast and easy installation. Installation can be a creative process just because of the modular panel shape. http://bit.ly/3d_dekorativni_paneli

8. 05. 2018.|

3D panel Lego

Dimension: 40 x 40 cm More information on: info@pappromet.com

19. 04. 2018.|

3D panel Cube

3D panel Cube. Inexhaustible geometric shape of cubes brings a touch of exclusivity into your space and gives to it an artistic style. DIMENSION: 40 cm x 40 cm THICKNESS: 10 mm – 30 mm (max. protrusion) WEIGHT: 2,8 kg

27. 03. 2018.|

3D panel Choko

3D panel Choko, it has simple straight lines, perfectly fits in any interior. If you love minimalist style, and You are enchanted by straight lines and geometrical shapes, Choko is the panel for You DIMENSION : 40 cm x 40 cm THICKNESS: 8 mm – 17 mm (max. protrusion) WEIGHT: 2,5 kg

27. 02. 2018.|