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What are Duraline Plates?

Duraline plates are used for making high-impact, impact-resistant walls. Widths of 125 mm with rounded Vario edges. Duraline walls are recommended for: houses, hotels, kindergartens, hospitals, offices, workshops, corridors, and all areas where a lot of people are exposed and where the walls are exposed by possible impact.

How are they mounted?

Duraline walls are mounted on metal substructure as are all other gypsum boards. Laying can be single-layer or multilayer with the use of special Duraline screws.

What are the benefits of the Duraline System (Duraline Plates + Rigips Super CEE Plunger Plates + Duraline Plate Screws)?

– Exceptional strength and impact resistance (wide application in homes, offices, kindergartens, hospitals, hotels …)
– Fulfills fire resistance requirements in the system (up to EI90)
– High sound insulation level (up to Rw = 72 dB)
– High stability and bearing capacity
– Easy to fasten shelves and elements

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